Section 3: Sports Injuries

Facial Injuries

Surface dirt: wash out with clean water

Direct Blow: may damage eyeball or eye socket. Can result in impaired vision/pain. Cover both eyes (non-fluffy dressing) and refer. Think of possible facial fracture.

Cheek Bone/Eye Socket: (including blow-out fracture of eye socket) Suspect such an injury with blows to the eye and cheek bone with swelling, or if the casualty has double vision or pain. Tell them not to blow their nose or sneeze and refer to hospital. 

Jaw Bone: Suspect if there is pain in the jaw or the casualty is unable to bite. There is no appropriate first treatment and instead you should refer to hospital.

Nasal Fractures: Do not relocate and refer to hospital

Bleeding Nose: Pinch soft area and sit with head forward

Mouth Injuries: Dislodged teeth can be saved by not cleaning & putting into milk.  Refer urgently to an emergency dentist.

HSC NSFA Facial Injury