Meet the Team

Our dedicated team at Hampden Sports Clinic have a vast array of experience tailored to your needs.

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Dr John MacLean - Chief Executive
Andrea Pollock - Centre Manager
Alan Scott - Head of Physiotherapy
Dr Katy Stewart - Sports Scientist
Louise Mitchell - Senior Physiotherapist
Allan Kershaw - Senior Physiotherapist
Neil Robinson - Senior Physiotherapist
Eilidh Dorrian - Senior Physiotherapist
David McGovern - Senior Physiotherapist
David Creighton - Senior Physiotherapist
Kelly McKenna - Physiotherapist
Alan White - Physiotherapist
Mandy Abbott - Podiatrist / Biomechanist
Neil Pomfret - Senior Podiatrist
Lisa Graham - Sports Massage Therapist
Marianne Murray - Sports Massage Therapist
Jessica Purcell - Sports Massage Therapist
Seamus McCafferty - Sports Scientist
Kieran Adie - Marketing Consultant
Evelyn Thomson - Receptionist
Kirsty McDonald - Client Support
Lorna Knox - Client Support
Cheryl Kerr - Client Support