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First Aid Course

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The National Sports First Aid course has been running since 2003, and has taught people from many sports.

Injuries and illness are part of everyday life, and the risk of these increases with sporting activity, therefore the key is to be prepared to deal with these in a systematic way. It prepares candidates to deal with injuries and illness and help decide if the player/athlete can continue or if more trained help is required.

The online course acts as an initial introduction to key concepts and provides the theory to allow the taught course to be more practical in nature, allowing for scenario based sessions to aid confidence and allow discussion.

NSFA Course Outline

  • Description Basic pitch side first aid for those involved in sport
  • Suitable for Coaches, parents, teachers and officials
  • Attendance 50% online, 50% attendance
  • Duration Minimum of 8 hours
  • Pre-Requisite Aged 16+ Completed NSFA online module