Section 2: Crisis Management


Drowning can occur in a relatively small amount of water.  Therefore, it should be considered in all sports. Drowning occurs when an inadequate amount of air remains in the lungs due to water entering the lungs. During resuscitation water may come out of the mouth from the stomach.  All drownings are medical emergencies and victims are at risk of developing hypothermia. 

  • Remove the casualty from the water-IF SAFE TO DO SO
  • Carry casualty, with head lower than chest to protect the airway in case of vomiting
  • DRS ABCD (5 initial breaths and 1 minute CPR before going for help)
  • It is safe to use AED in wet conditions (dry chest for pads)
  • If breathing is adequate, place in recovery position
  • Consider hypothermia – cover casualty
  • Monitor ABC + AVPU
  • 999~Emergency
HSC NSFA Drowning