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We're delighted to welcome Neil Pomfret to the team here at Hampden Sports Clinic. Neil is our new Senior Podiatrist and is now available for immediate Podiatry assessments and follow up appointments. Ahead of the spring/summer season of fresh air and new keep-fit habits, sunshine holidays, trips and other outdoor adventures, Neil has kindly shortlisted some top tips to keep your ankles, feet and toes in tip-top condition...

Correct Footwear is Key

Gearing up appropriately is pretty standard advice no matter what time of year it is, or what kinds of activities you enjoy the most. If you're unsure what footwear you should wear to fit your foot type or activity then pop in for a visit!

Avoid Walking Barefoot

Of course, on especially hot days (or in certain environments), you might decide to forgo footwear altogether and walk around barefoot outside.

We generally don’t recommend this, unfortunately—especially if you’ll be out in public or semi-public locations. In addition to exposing your feet to a greater risk of injury from stepping on objects, you can also sometimes pick up a fungal or viral infection via contact with infected surfaces.

Don’t Forget the Sun Cream

Don’t forget that the tops of your feet need some love from the sunscreen, too! Feet don’t get as much attention as the face and the shoulders however are just as likely to burn or suffer secondary effects of sun exposure.

Keep Your Nails well maintained

This is good all-season advice, but you may especially need to hear it now if you’re planning on getting more active this summer. Extra-long or improperly trimmed nails combined with high rates of physical activity is an unfortunately effective recipe for Ingrown Toenails.

Be Cautious when Starting New Activities

Carrying a longstanding niggle? Or just a bit deconditioned from working from home over the last 2 years? It is important that your body is ready to take on the demands of your summer activities. Pop in for a visit if you need help in your preparations!

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