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Injury Frequency and Reoccurrence - How Can We Help?

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Sport, like life, is sometimes just not fair. It can appear that when we analyse the pattern and frequency of injury in sport that some sportsmen and women get more than their fair share. In practice there are many understandable reasons for this. Traumatic sports such as football and rugby have an increased risk of injury due to the physical nature of the contact, seen by those who play as just part of the game. Similarly snowsports with the combination of speed and dangerous manoeuvres lead to some horrific injuries. However even within a particular sport there do appear to be certain individuals who are injury prone. Does such a thing really exist?

The reality is that there are always reasons for an individual to sustain an injury but that there are those who are clearly predisposed to recurrent issues. This unwelcome status is usually the result of one of two factors.

Firstly poor or incomplete rehabilitation. Most of us accept injury as an inevitable part of competing – in fact for many the enjoyment of sporting activity would be reduced if the rules were changed to make contact sport so safe that it would become sterile and less competitive. The other side of this debate however is that accepting there is an increased risk should not mean that we accept injury without maximising the input to repair the damage and more importantly doing all we can to prevent reoccurrence. A good example of this is the so-called “simple” ankle sprain. Many of us just keep it until it gets better, going back to sport when the pain decreases to a tolerable level when we can run, jump, kick a ball etc. Not surprisingly these sportsmen and women are the ones who miss more time at a later date through reoccurrence of ankle pain and report that they have “weak” ankles. Proper attention to a muscle strengthening and balance programme at the outset would have reduced the risk, allowed continuation of activity and reduced the risk of future problems.

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The second factor for recurrent injury is that in truth some of us are better suited to sporting activity than others – just watch any group of middle-aged men reliving their youth on the 5-a-sides pitch! Certain body types are more suited to particular sports, for example taller athletes in sports such as basketball, netball and high jump. Hypermobility is a condition where the soft tissues which support our joints are more lax and allow increased mobility of the joint itself. We all had friends at school that could bend their fingers into weird and wonderful positions. In some sports such as swimming, increased joint laxity is beneficial allowing an increased range of movement around the shoulder joint. Foot shape is another intrinsic or internal factor which can predispose to recurrent injury especially in runners who often complain of back, hip, knee or lower leg pain while running. A visit to a good sports physio and podiatrist can be hugely beneficial to allow the runner to compensate for this in-built injury precipitant.

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As always the best advice is to listen to your body. It will never tell you to give up sport but may advise you it is time to change the type or intensity of the sporting activity to prolong your enjoyment and keep you fit, healthy and happy.

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Hampden Sports Clinic is the country’s leading sports injury and rehabilitation centre, dedicated to the treatment, diagnosis, and management of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Our team of specialist doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists, sports massage therapists, podiatrists and biomechanists who have amassed decades of experience are driven by the needs and goals of our patients.

The clinic doesn't just treat elite athletes or issues related to sports injuries. We deliver evidence-based treatment protocols tailored to every individual's needs and assist in surgical rehabilitation aimed at getting the best possible outcome for everyone that comes through the clinic. Every day, we work with people of all ages and backgrounds to make sure they function at their very best, day after day.

As a leader in sports and musculoskeletal medicine, we strive to ensure we are constantly at the forefront of new developments in sports medicine and rehabilitation to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

To avoid regular or reoccurrence of injury - Hampden Sports Clinic will work with you to develop a bespoke programme that supports your goals, whether it is recovering from Injury, regaining your mobility, or improving your fitness. This can be as simple as walking again after a significant injury to getting back to your favourite pastime to improving your fitness to smash P.B in your next marathon.

Aside from the team of medical professionals, our gold standard facilities set within Scotland's National Stadium are industry renowned. The clinic's Hydrotherapy Pool is the biggest of its kind in the country. Offering a fantastic form of supplementary rehabilitation to complement other methods of treatment and exercise-based therapy. Thousands of patients have found this facility to be massively beneficial in the rehabilitation of injuries. We also have a rehabilitation suite where patients can build strength, endurance and flexibility in a gym environment without the gaze of the general public which you would find in local gyms. Our physiotherapists are always on hand if you are in to use the facilities and you can discuss your rehab progress and plans out with your normal consultation. The opportunity to use these first-class facilities are included whilst you are a patient of the clinic.

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