Sports Pitch


Last updated: 12.20pm, Friday 6th January 2023 by

We are delighted to announce our new 2023 Health & Fitness Kickstarter Offer. Spring into the new year and make your health and fitness a priority. Whatever you want to achieve, we have the equipment, the facilities, and the expertise to help you reach your goals. Our fantastic winter offer is priced at 125 which is half the price of a standard Baseline Package.

The package consists of a complete sports science laboratory cardiovascular fitness assessment which includes body fat/anthropometric measurements, a resting heart tracing (ECG), treadmill or bike exercise ECG and Gold standard VO2max fitness test. Feedback on the results will be given on the day with a comprehensive report emailed detailing the results of all tests with appropriate recommendations.

This offer is now available please call 0141 616 6161 to book ahead. Or email for more info.

This offer much be purchased and redeemed by 4pm on Friday 31st March 2023.