01 Dec The Perfect Package – 2018

We all know people who fall into the categories below. However, if you are not sure which package would be the best fit  just call the clinic on 0141 616 6161 where we’ll always lend a helping hand.

Our Baseline package is designed for;

  • Those looking to start or re-start their activity. If you’ve had a health scare or are concerned about your weight or perhaps you’re unsure what level of activity is best, and safest.
  • Those looking to understand where they are now (physiologically) and get some hard data on how to get where they want to go.
  • Those who understand that a generic app that aggregates the population’s numbers can never be wholly accurate.
  • Those who appreciate personal, face-face help, guidance and individual solutions.

Our Health addition is designed for;

  • Those who seek the reassurance of one of the country’s leading Sports Medicine Doctor.
  • Those who want a more rounded assessment of their health and a report on the risk factors that can influence activity.

Our Performance addition is designed for;

  • Those who are in training and want to be clear about their optimal training zones, their critical power/velocity and gain advice on their methodology.
  • Those who have become frustrated by niggling injuries or feel they have plateaued in their results.

For more details on the specific range of tests carried out as part of our Health&Fitness programmes, visit the Hampden Sports Clinic website at http://www.hampdensportsclinic.com/packages/

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