Sports Massage

An Introduction to Massage

The proven benefits of massage are far reaching and long standing.  There are many different types of massage therapy all centred around improving emotional and physical wellbeing.  It may be you are suffering from aches and pains caused by your work environment or lifestyle, have recently become active or are training for your first marathon, rest assured in all these instances massage can help you.

At Hampden Sports Clinic we are committed to truly understanding your specific needs so that you get the best possible service. We recognise everyone is unique and our massage therapists will draw on their in-depth knowledge of physiology and anatomy to carry out the most appropriate type of therapy for you.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy can help you in a number of ways:

  • Relax and release stress: Quite simply, massage is fantastic for relaxation
  • Prevention: It is an essential tool to help prevent injury during periods of intense training
  • Injury Treatment: Massage can help relieve pain and resolve many symptoms throughout the body:
    • muscle tension
    • circulation problems
    • muscle imbalance
    • joint mobility
    • postural issues
  • Toning: Massage can be used to help promote muscle tone

What we offer

Our team of qualified massage therapists at Hampden Sports Clinic bring a wealth of experience and expertise in various forms of massage techniques such as:

  • Swedish massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Deep-tissue massage
  • Cupping massage therapy

You can be confident that we will use the techniques most appropriate for you, including the specialised practice of cupping massage therapy.  Whatever you need for massage therapy, our experienced masseurs will tailor each session accordingly, based on your needs.

We support you

On your first visit to our Clinic, your masseur will chat with you to gather your unique story, enabling them to understand your expectations and what has brought you to the clinic.  Only with this understanding can we blend science with intuition.  Our knowledge with your history is invaluable and allows our therapists to personalise each treatment, ensuring your experience will exceed your expectations.

At the end of the first session our therapist will advise you if or how further treatments would benefit you. At all times you have access to unique multi-disciplinary team inside the clinic, led by our eminent Doctor in Sports Medicine.

Once entering a massage programme, Hampden Sports Clinic works hard to ensure continuity of care throughout. We understand the importance of building relationships and how this positively impacts upon your treatment.  Throughout the programme our therapist will consider your body’s response to previous sessions and make any adjustments necessary.

So if you want to enable your body to push the limits in training, have been referred as part of a structured recovery programme, or just want to get rid of that troublesome niggle for good a massage treatment at with us is designed to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations

Oh, we can’t promise it won’t hurt a just tiny bit, but we know you’ll feel the benefit when you get outside!

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