02 Jun Great Women’s 10K: Science and sense…nutritional and other noteworthy know how

A few pre-race pointers for those taking part in Sunday’s Great Women’s 10K race. Grounded in science and supported by a good dose of common sense. The overriding message this close to race day is stick to what you know…

The day before the race:
 Tempting as it is to suddenly decide to dip into the world of ancient grains for the first time the night before the race best not to and stick with what you know (ideally something carbohydrate rich)
 Make sure you are well hydrated, keep this front of mind for a few days prior to the race. This is especially important since it is now summer in Glasgow (at time of print)
 Relax on Saturday night, do not be tempted to go for a last minute run, fit in that core strength session you have been meaning to do for 3 months or dust off your roller boots. Take it easy (whilst committing to a roller skating master plan that begins on Monday).
 Aim to get a good amount of sleep on Saturday. The trick is to bank a good quality sleep on Friday night this will be helpful if Saturday’s sleep is somewhat disturbed by pre-race excitement.

The morning of the race:
 Since the race starts between 10.30 and 11 make sure you are up early enough to eat about 2-4 hours before you get on your mark. In this case the early bird catches the worm and avoids the stitch and on-course toilet.
 It is especially important again to have something that you would be used to eating prior to going running and preferably something carbohydrate rich for energy.
 Make sure that you are hydrated over the course of the morning prior to the race. Do be mindful that consuming any more than around 500ml of fluid could see you having an on course portaloo pit stop.
 Some people avoid caffeine prior to the event as it is a stimulant but also a diuretic. If you ordinarily down a double espresso at the start line with no issues then full steam ahead. Again the message is very much stick to what you know…

 Bask in the glory of finishing the race.
 Re-hydrate ++ initially with plenty of water.
 Refuel! Devour the contents of the race bag leaflets and all.
 Stop past our tent for a post-race 10 minute massage! Give those legs some much deserved love and chat through the race at the same time with our massage therapists.
 Fingers crossed you won’t need any physiotherapy but if you need any advice we will be on hand and able!

Above all enjoy race day and we look forward to seeing you in the Hampden Sports Clinic tent at the finish line!

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