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Running is a skill!

It always surprises us that many, many runners simply want to run more to improve performance – potentially embedding techniques and habits that can actually hamper optimal performance! Are you running more miles but not improving as you expect? Do you often pick up niggles or reoccurring injuries? Would you like to find out more about what strength and conditioning exercises would suit you? Or do you simply want to know your running stats and utilize these to gain a competitive edge and enhance your current training regime? We have developed 3 separate running programmes specifically tailored to meet your needs whether you are training for your first 5k or have been running at elite level for years.

Here’s something to consider; an athlete weighing 70kg with a cadence of 168 strides per minute will run a marathon in around 3hrs 30min. The 35,280 strides taken during the race will produce a total weight bearing load of 2m 469,600kg on the body! Both performance and injury risk are affected by how well your body is set up to handle the load.

Running is a skill. But that skill is not automatically improved by just running more miles. Your body position, your body’s mechanics, how your cueing works best, the time ‘wasted’ in the air and your body’s strength all contribute significantly to your performance.

Put simply, our Running programmes will develop and enhance your skills to produce an improved performance while greatly reducing your risk of injury – you will enjoy the process and you’ll love the results! You will also enjoy FREE access to our gym and hydrotherapy pool during your time with us.

Here’s what we offer;

Perform-Plus is designed for those already competing at a good level and costs £239. There are 3 x 1:1 sessions; an  initial 1 hour, followed by 30min and then a further 1 hour.  A full report is included as well as a review after 6 weeks.

  • Our physiotherapist will analyse your current running technique and body mechanics.
  • Lactate profiling – we will carry out stress tests to highlight optimal training zones.
  • V02 max – Carried out in our Performance Lab by a Sports Scientist, we’ll test your lung capacity and your body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently.
  • We’ll design you a personal skills/strength programme to take your performances to the next level.

We’ll not only provide you with more accurate data than any ‘off the shelf’ tracker or app, we’ll explain all of the data and how to use it!

All programmes include complimentary access to our Hydrotherapy Pool and our Gym for training and recovery sessions, where trained staff are always on hand with help or advice.

Performance is a multi-session 1:1 programme with a 1 hour initial appointment and will provide you with improved form and technique and reduced injury risk – cost £189

  • A 2-d running analysis
  • Skill acquisition
  • Individual training programme
  • Individual running-specific performance training sessions

During all programmes you will also receive preferential rates for our Sports Scientists and Sports Massage therapists. To enhance your development programme, 1:1 Personal Training appointments can also be booked with Commonwealth Silver medallist Charline Joiner.

Rehab is a multi-session 1:1 programme with a 1 hour initial appointment designed specifically for running related injuries (hip/groin pain, knee pain, IT band syndrome, shin splints, plantar facia, compartment syndrome, Achilles tendonopathy, calf pain) and costs £175

  • Treadmill assessment with biomechanist/physiotherapist
  • Utilisation of kinematic forces
  • Specific individual strength and skills training programme

All programmes are overseen by Allan Kershaw, Senior Physiotherapist.

Allan has extensive experience working in Ireland, New Zealand and around the world with international athletes. He has advised elite coaches and absorbs new published papers regularly to identify best practice and new ideas. He is constantly looking to improve client/patient outcomes in his work at Hampden Sports Clinic.

Treatment Rooms

Like any other treatment room in any other clinic, ours have four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Ours are also private and secure. But we don’t play soft music. Nor do we burn aromatic candles. But what some may feel we lack in surface finery, we more than make up for in pure professionalism. Years and years have been spent training and honing the skills we now provide to every person who visits. Our clinicians are led by a Doctor, operated by a dedicated team of physiotherapists, sports scientists, masseurs and biomechanists, and supported by a group of staff that ensure everything happens just so.

It’s not the rooms per se. Like any house, it’s the people that make Hampden Sports Clinic a home.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our Hydrotherapy Pool is the biggest of its kind in the country available and offers you, while receiving treatment, unlimited access to a fantastic form of rehabilitation, at no extra cost.

The pool is 8ft deep in every area and, maintained at a constant 72°, provides clients with the opportunity to do full non-weight-bearing exercise to support the rehabilitation of their injured area, no matter what the injury. This form of treatment is proven to be one of the quickest ways in which to rehabilitate injured areas.

The pool also offers the ability to work on their health and fitness by means of conditioned sessions that will cause no further damage to the injured area, but really work the heart and lungs if required.

The pool can also be used as another workout tool for people who sign up for Personal Training packages, acting as a real ‘fat targeting’ form of exercise.

The Gym

More and more people use a gym and are familiar with its equipment. Too many people are unfamiliar with what to use when, for how long, in which order and, what’s the correct form? We see hundreds of well-meaning people who set out to change their lifestyle and become more active only to suffer needless injury that sets them back – muscle imbalance, understrength core and back injuries are too common. Understanding the foundations will enable you to extend yourself, safely.  We have all the equipment anyone could need, but more importantly – crucially – we have people. Much as we love the internet, it cannot replace an experienced professional guiding you live, in real time, to the best and safest way to achieve all that you want.

By definition, the best and safest way will also be the fastest way.

Biomechanical Analysis Suite

In sports biomechanics, the laws of mechanics are applied to human movement in order to gain a greater understanding of athletic performance and to reduce sport injuries. It focuses on the application of the scientific principles of mechanical physics to understand movements of action of human bodies. Elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, gait analysis, and clinical neurophysiology are all common methods used in sports biomechanics.

Biomechanics in sports can be stated as the muscular, joint and skeletal actions of the body during the execution of a given task, skill and/or technique. Proper understanding of biomechanics relating to sports skill has the greatest implications on: sport’s performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention, along with sport mastery. 

Outside of the sporting arena, biomechanical analysis can identify the source of pain manifest in a seemingly unrelated area; hips, pelvis, lower back can all trigger lower limb pain. A professional analysis can uncover a simple solution.


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