Podiatry / Biomechanics

Podiatry/Biomechanics at Hampden Sports Clinic

What is Podiatry? It covers much and, like physiotherapist and doctor, is a profession,  protected by its governing body – the HCPC.

It is the multi-disciplined team-based solutions that make Hampden Sports Clinic unique. Whether you arrive directly at Podiatry, are seen jointly with a Physio, or are referred by our Doctor, the care you receive from us is viewed from every angle.  Back, neck, pelvis, knee or ankle pain can have multiple sources. 

Podiatry / Biomechanics at Hampden Sports Clinic provides solutions to lower body issues, whether long-term conditions or recent pain and discomfort. We believe in the whole kinetic chain – everything is interconnected – and in order to find the best solution we find the cause, we won’t just treat the symptoms.

An intervention may involve mobilisation, manipulation, orthoses/prescription insoles. It may require only short-term acupuncture to stimulate the healing process or you may require no intervention at all, just the completion of your strengthening programme.

We need to see you, talk to you and listen to you but what we are sure of is that our team’s talent, technology, experience and empathy will lead us to your solution faster.


£80 (60min 1st appt.)

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