Nobody wants to be injured…

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, just your luck. But there’s no luck involved in our physiotherapists’ ability to minimise your injury risk, or to return you to full movement and peak performance fast.

No luck involved and no magic either. For us there is science, unavoidable and irrefutable. Nerves, blood, muscle, tendon and tissue are the same for all of us, but what’s unique is the health and strength of each of these elements within us. They are different for an active 8 year old and a sedentary 58 year old. They’re different too for an obese 8 year old and an active 85 year old.

There may be no magic, but there is an art to our work. It’s borne of history, experience, talent and intuition.

Physios in Glasgow, Scotland

Our plan for you is simple. We’ll prepare you to stay injury free for as long as possible, or we’ll plan together to recover your strength, movement and mobility quickly.  You’ll have access to the whole team inside Hampden and your Physio will ensure you see the best clinician for fast progress.

The harder we work, the luckier we get as the old adage has it – as for us, so too for you.

“My experience of the Hampden Sports Clinic has been extremely positive. My daughter attended with ankle pain occurring during ballet training. A consultation with Louise Mitchell led to prompt diagnosis of the problem, and the cause, with a clear and effective treatment plan. In follow up appointments, Louise’s knowledge and understanding of ballet training, clear advice and constant encouragement have been first class. I will definitely return to the clinic for any treatment or advice required in the future. Louise is an excellent sports physio and a delight to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Aileen Nicol, Glasgow


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