Meet The Team

Johanne Wilson

Senior Physiotherapist

The diversity is what I love the most! I’ve been lucky enough to work with National teams at global events and I’ve solved many non-sporting injuries that prevent people from living their daily lives. I get great satisfaction from every solution, always treating the cause and not just the symptoms.

I would love Physio to have more visibility within A&E departments and, like everyone, to see a reduction in the NHS waiting times. So while we can offer most people an appointment within 24 hours, not everyone has the resources to come to us. We see a lot of soft tissue injuries where recovery could have been easier and faster if diagnosed and treated early.

So whether I’m at the Olympics or I’m treating a straightforward strain, I’m happy getting to the source and solving problems.

Johanne is a fully registered member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and regulated by the independent UK body Health & Care Professions Council. You can confirm Johanne’s status here.