Meet The Team

Dr. John MacLean

Chief Executive

Having just run the very first Glasgow Marathon (ask your Pop!) as a young Medical graduate I realised my pain was largely self-inflicted. I hadn’t trained smartly, I wasn’t even sure what ‘training smartly’ really looked like. Of course it’s different now, but I realised that there was an opportunity to combine my love of medicine with sport.

Cough…years later, we’re running a facility that houses phenomenal equipment, amazing staff and helps people from every walk of life.

All we need now is for the policy makers to cool down the rhetoric about the benefits of being active and give the many young Doctors who would love to work in Sports Medicine more opportunity to do so.

We all know how good it feels to recover from injury (at any level) and get back to doing what we love. The injury prevention knowledge and advice we provide makes more people active and happy for longer.

And that’s a good thing. ‘Be the best you can be’ was advice I was given long ago – I’m still working at it.