Meet The Team

Alan Scott

Head of Physiotherapy

I’m often asked, ‘Do you prefer treating elite sportspeople?’ The answer is always no, what I enjoy most is making a difference. At the elite level a 4% performance gain can be massive while for others walking the dog pain-free is just as massive. Massively different, but each time our work delivers a benefit, I’m happy.

My hope as a physio is that we can help the term ‘Prehab’ become an important consideration for every active person’s vocabulary. Prevention is always preferable to cure and, as professional physiotherapists, we all need to see it as a responsibility to inform and educate people on the things they can do regularly that will help them avoid injury.

And sure, trips to exotic places with Scotland’s professional sportsmen and women is an added bonus

Alan is a long standing member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered with the independent UK regulatory body, Health & Care Professions Council. You can confirm Alan’s professional status here.